Entering the industry in 2001, I was given the opportunity to work for a (commercial) wood restoration company. This company offered in-house schooling twice a week for their employees. Here I was mentored and taught by some of the best wood “restorians” in the country. These teachers had tie’s from The Smithsonian in Washington DC to the National Wood Institute in Minnesota. During my time of employment I was taught different species of wood, repairs, custom color matching, preservation, and old and new restoration methods. For seven years I had the privilege of traveling around the United States learning and working on different projects. In 2009, “the door of opportunity” opened up for me and I was awarded a job in a (residential) wood restoration company as shop manager.

As shop manager, I was responsible for pick-ups, deliveries, sales, orders, project management and personally restoring “priority jobs”. When I had the opportunity to restore a “priority job”, I worked on the project from start to finish and communicated directly with the client. While restoring these projects, I learned about the history/story behind each piece and saw how sentimental these pieces were. In learning this facts, it gave me even more pride in my work. This is when I found my “love” for wood restoration.

In big restoration companies, it’s all about mass production (get the jobs in and get them out). You do not get to experience the personal relationship you build with the client nor do you get as much gratification in what you’re doing. I believe when the client is faced with big restoration companies, they are cheated of the quality that they and their furniture deserves.

In 2012, my mentor/wife and I set out to open a restoration company that cares for your furniture as much as you do. Creative Furniture Restoration believes we are restoring not just another piece of furniture but a piece of your history. We will spend as much time as it takes to understand what your cares and needs are for each piece without charging you extra for our time — like the bigger companies do. We LOVE what we do and it shows in our care and work of your piece. If you are looking for the highest quality restoration company that takes pride in every project, LOVES what they do and is fueled off of your “love” for your piece you have found the right restoration company.

Dan Vogel
Founder, Creative Furniture Restoration